Who We Are

Conduit Communications Limited is an integrated marketing communications company offering an extensive array of services that collectively work together to create a unified and seamless experience for clients to interact with their brand and help increase brand visibility both online and offline.

We ensure that all our messaging and communications strategies are consistent across all channels and are centred on the Customer. Conduit Communications Limited was incorporated in 2015


To become Africa’s most preferred Integrated Marketing Communications firm with a global media reach and rich network of human resources.


To consistently provide effective and efficient business communications solutions that continuously meet clients’ expectations thereby giving them a competitive advantage in their industry.

Our Approach

We understand there is need to be flexible and responsive to satisfy our clients by offering them what they want, when they want it, and before the competition can offer it. We accomplish this through a systematic approach that is client-centric, and in which the client's business goals enjoy top priority.

This involves not only ingenuity and profundity of knowledge of current trends and insights on consumers/target audience, but time committed to examining a client's needs. With this, we deliver strategic business communications solutions and or recommendations that lead to utmost impact and engagement.